Huize Waterpas

  • Karlijn Hoogendoorn
    Karlijn Hoogendoorn
  • Sarina Wijkstra
    Sarina Wijkstra

Hi everyone,

We are Huize Waterpas, or in English; Spirit Level. Our house was given this name because it is not level at all. Luckily, we don’t mind since we’re all a bit off as well. From game nights to sing a longs, our house evenings are always in high spirit, unless we end up having to work. The three of us all have creative, as well as musical, sides. All of us are always listening to music, which can sometimes make for unclear communication as we are all trying to shout over said music. 
In every room you can find original paintings. From Karlijn’s abstract art, to Hiske’s great constructions of objects in life, to all the cat related art that Sarina makes. We also love food. It might look like we are cooking to feed a family of six and the food is finished at an unsettling speed. Especially Karlijn, she might not look like it, but she somehow eats for three (and always gets Sarina’s second portion).

Lots of love,
Hiske, Karlijn & Sarina

Skyline Groningen