The Faculty Association Ibn Battuta is marked by its large amount of active members. An active member is someone who takes place in a committee or projectgroup. Ibn Battuta has 10 committees, so there should be one for everyone! Almost every committee has a meeting on a regular base. The different committees organize all sorts relevant and intressting activities. from pubcrawls to ice skating to lectures and company visits, they organize it! One committee even organizes a trip to some country(-is) for 49 people! 

Every member of Ibn Battuta can become a member of a committee. You can sign up throughout the year for different committees. Once you apply for a committee and the board you, you are a member for one year of that committee. A committee consists 3 members but can go up to 7. Next to that, in each committee there is also one board member. The board member keeps the committee up to date about the association and vice versa. The board member also keeps track on the planning, so activities will be well planned next to your study program! 

If you are interested in joining one of the committees, keep a track on the Ibn Battuta bulletin next to the Coffee Room. Application for these committees are open in September, January/February and May/June. If you apply, the board will invite you in which you motivate yourself why you would be the perfect candidate for this committee.