The Faculty Association Ibn Battuta is marked by its large amount of active members, which are the members that take place in a committee or project group. Ibn Battuta has many different committees which organize fun but also interesting activities, such as parties, sports events, workshops, and lectures. Some committees also organize big activities, for example, the Foreign Excursion by the Foreign Excursion Committee, and the Career Day by the Career Day Committee. Every 5 years, the Lustrum Committee also organizes a week full of activities and events, which mostly lasts around 10 days.

Active Members Activity 2023

Applications for the different committees are open throughout the year, and every member of Ibn Battuta can apply. After you have been accepted by the board, you will be part of that committee for one whole year. A committee consists of a minimum of three members, whereas the maximum of members varies between the different committees. On top of that, a board member will take place in each committee. He or she keeps the committee up to date about the Association and vice versa. The board member also keeps track of the planning, so that the activities will be planned in accordance with your study program.

If you are interested in joining one of the committees, keep an eye on the website or on the Ibn Battuta bulletin next to the Coffee Room. Applications for these committees are open in September, January/February and May/June. If you apply, the board will invite you for an application in which you motivate why you would be the perfect candidate for this committee.

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