Prof. Dr. P. Pellenbarg

​​​​​​​Honorary member since 23rd of May 2013

Piet Pellenbarg (1947) was a student of our faculty in the 1960s, and during this time he was also the chairman of the 7th board of Ibn Battuta. Right after his time as a student, he started working for the faculty, which he has done for his entire career.

As chairman of the 7th board of Ibn Battuta, perhaps his greatest accomplishment was writing the ‘Moresboek’. This book basically explains 28 rules that should make the shift from one board to the next as smoothly as possible and is still used today, albeit in a modernized form.

As a teacher and researcher, Piet Pellenbarg was mostly active in the field of Economic Geography, and not without merit. He made a great contribution to the ‘Er Gaat Niks Boven Groningen’-campaign, which resulted in receiving real-size replicas of the R2D2-robot from Star Wars, one of which still stands in our faculty, up to this very day.

During his time as an employee of the faculty, he occupied the position of dean twice. As dean, he was also the portfolio manager of education, which is rare at our faculty. In this position, he always had the interests of students at heart. Through studying and working with the faculty for so many years, he really has become the ‘memory’ of the faculty and has seen all the changes that our faculty and our association have gone through.

Working for the faculty, he remained loyal to our association and always tried to make sure that the interests of Ibn Battuta were looked after by the faculty.  This is especially true for the period of 2009-2010 (during which Piet Pellenbarg was dean) when our association was going through rough times.
P. Pellenbarg
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