Excursion Committee

  • Calida Vos
    Calida Vos
  • David Janssen
    David Janssen
  • Evan Aimone-cat  Aimone-cat
    Evan Aimone-cat Aimone-cat
  • Greta Lieke
    Greta Lieke
  • Natalia Gerischer
    Natalia Gerischer
  • Ryan Edelenbos
    Ryan Edelenbos
  • Thibault Scherer
    Thibault Scherer
  • Yme Koper
    Yme Koper
  • Anne Frouke Geerdink
    Anne Frouke Geerdink

    Board member - 2022 / present

The Excursion Committee focuses on organizing fun short trips and excursions for all Ibn'ers. Every year we will visit the Christmas market in Oldenburg and they organize the Short Foreign Excursion II, which takes place in May! This year's Committee is called Galax'cie!

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