Welcome to the page of the 63rd Board of Faculty Association Ibn Battuta. Every year, a different board leads Ibn Battuta, by coordinating the Association, all its bodies, and events. Together with all the committees and projectgroups, the Board organizes a great deal of activities for all members to join! 

This year, it will be our turn to lead the Association! We, as the 63rd Board, are looking forward to this Association Year and we will make sure that it will become a great year for all members of Ibn Battuta! Let us introduce ourselves personally below:

Stokstaartje - Commissioner Overbodig I

Hi everyone, my name is Teun Scholten and I am excited to be the Chairman of the 63rd Board. In 2018, I moved from Eibergen (a village near Enschede) to Groningen to study the BSc Economics and the BSc Spatial Planning and Design. Last year February I graduated for the BSc Economics and this year I graduated for the BSc SPD. Currently, I am following the MSc Economics, so I am in the end phase of my student life. In the past years, I have been active at the tennis club TAM, where I have done several committees. Besides, I did a part-time board year at Quest. Within Ibn Battuta, I did the Sport & Games Committee and the Career Day committee. My hobbies are playing tennis and padel and my dream is to become an airline pilot, which I hope to fulfill after my Master. But for now, I am really excited to end my student life with a Board year at our beautiful association. I look forward to meeting all of you and showing you how fantastic Ibn Battuta is!


Hert - Commissioner Overbodig II

Hi! My name is Diana and I’m the Vice Chairman of the Faculty Association Ibn Battuta. I’m 20 years old and I lived in Zwolle before I moved to Groningen for my study. I’m currently in my third year of the Bachelor Spatial Planning and Design. My love for Ibn already started immediately after the Introduction Weekend on Ameland. I really like winter sports, and that’s why I’m very happy I have been part of the Winterport Committee. Currently I am doing the Almanac Committee, where I can happily also show my creative side. I also was the Treasurer of Project Group Schier last year. Furthermore, I like to be around people and hang out with friends. Also, I like to occasionally do creative things and I do Pole dancing at the Aclo. I’m excited to be part of your 63rd board of Ibn Battuta and to see you in the Coffee Room and at activities a lot!

AnneMouse - typmuisje

Hi! My name is Anne Frouke Geerdink and I am really excited to be the Secretary of the 63rd Board. In 2021 I moved to Groningen to study Human Geography and Planning. I am originally from Haren, near Groningen. From the beginning I was excited to join Ibn and make friends from both the bachelors. In my first year I joined the Sports and Games committee and in my second year I joined Projectgroup Dies. In my free time I like to hang out with friends or watch movies. I am also active at the student association Dizkartes. I am the youngest of the group and very excited to see you all this coming year!


Jurre 'Paul Zeer' Meijles - Money police

Hello everyone! My name is Jurre Meijles and I have the honor to be the treasurer of the 63rd Board of Ibn Battuta. Currently, I am a third year Human Geography and Planning student. Within Ibn Battuta, I have been part of “sFYCe it up!”, “TroPIPical” and “Men in BEC”. Next to the koka, you can find me on a hockey field very often. Since I was 6 years old I have been playing hockey, this year I started to do this at GHBS. 20 years ago I was born in the most beautiful city of the Netherlands, Groningen and since then the province of Groningen has always been my homebase. I look forward to be the 63rd board together with my five fellow Board Members!


Panda - Commissioner Muur I 

Hi! My name is Esmee Huisjes and I’m currently the Commissioner Internal Relations, next to that I’m in the final phase of the Pre-Master Cultural Geography. I’m originally from Hardenberg, Overijssel, but I moved to Groningen a little over 1,5 years ago to start studying and I have enjoyed every moment since! I started at Ibn Battuta around the same time and have been in several committees since: Master Network FSS, Almanac Committee, Lecture Committee and the Sport and Games Committee. My hobbies are chilling with friends, going to the movies and watching Formula 1, but actually anything that involves hanging out with friends makes me happy! I am very much looking forward to these exciting times ahead and I’m sure I’ll see many of you around the Coffee Room (as that’s basically my second living room).

Stinky Beaver (bevergeil) - Commissioner muur II

Dear sweet fellow Ibn Battuta members, my name is Luuk Haverlag and I am proud to be the Commissioner of External Relations of the 63rd Board. I was born in Utrecht, raised in Apeldoorn and I have lived in many different places around the world. After surviving the Colombian jungles, climbing Indonesian volcanoes and working in the Austrian Alps, I can't wait to start my next adventures at our association! Currently, I am almost finished with the SPD bachelor’s program but I would like to continue studying and spend some more time at our faculty. Within Ibn Battuta, I have been part of the Ex’cie back in Covid-times and in 2022 I organized the amazing trip to Greece with the lovely BEC to Business! For the coming year, I am excited to take a great part in the organization of our lovely Association together with my lovely Co-Board Members and I hope to see and meet all of you very soon!

Skyline Groningen