Introduction of the 60th Board

Welcome to the page of the 60th Board of Ibn Battuta. Every year, a different board leads Ibn Battuta, by coordinating the Association, all its bodies, and events. Together with all the committees and projectgroups, the Board organizes a great deal of activities for all members to join! 

This year, it will be our turn to do so! As the 60th Board, we are looking forward a lot to the association year of 2020-2021 and we will make sure that it will become a great year for all members of Ibn Battuta! Let us introduce ourselves personally!


Benedek Papp - Chairman 

Hello Reader! My name is Benedek Papp, I am 21 years old and in my third year of Human Geography and Planning. I was born in Budapest, the beautiful capital of Hungary, but have moved to Groningen two years ago to start with my new life. Needless to say, it has been an incredible journey, from the very first day of the Introduction Period, without knowing anyone until now, where I am the Chairman of the 60th Board of Ibn Battuta. This association has not only provided me with many great friends but also made Groningen my home. Next to my studies and being active at the Association, I am a passionate sailor and sure will throw a few darts whenever the opportunity arises!

As Chairman, I will always be available for your questions, or even just a chat, but I also very much like a good debate! Next year I will take place in the Projectgroup Sustainability and Society, the Lecture Committee, the Master Network, and will help organize the Galant Gala. I hope to see you around as soon as possible! 


Joëlle Hopman - Secretary

Hi there! My name is Joëlle Hopman, I am 20 winters young and I am currently in my third year of Human Geography and Planning. I was born in Dronten, a village in Flevoland which was a nice place to grow up. But right now I am very happy to live in the beautiful city of Groningen. Until now, I enjoyed every week here and I am really looking forward to the weeks I can, hopefully, spend as the secretary of Ibn Battuta. Already since the introduction weekend on Ameland, I enjoyed all the moments with Ibn battuta; the trips abroad, the social drinks, the nice activities and moments in the Coffee Room. 

Another place I love to be, besides our lovely Coffee Room, is in the Alps. Skiing is the thing I love doing the most. Besides this I like to spending sunny afternoons at terraces and I love to explore cities. Especially little villages in the southern of Europe make me fall in love very fast. 

Next year I will take place in the Sports and Games Committee and the Almanac Committee, furthermore I will be organizing the National Geography & Planning Symposium. I hope to see you around somewhere in the near future! 


Merel Flap - Treasurer

Hello everyone! My name is Merel Flap. I am 21 years old and I have been living in Groningen for two years now. I was born in the eastern part of Groningen in the village of Veendam. However, I decided to leave because I wanted to study Spatial Planning and Design. You can always wake me up for a nice trip, a good book, or a festival.

I am honored to be a part of the 60th Board of Ibn Battuta to fulfill the function of treasurer. Therefore, I will have an overview of everything that is going on within the Association by keeping a close eye on the money. Adding to that, I will take place in the Projectgroup Introductionperiod and the committees of NGPS, EGEA, the Foreign Excursion, and Zwemfest.

I am very much looking forward to the upcoming association year and I hope to see you around very soon!


Giovanni Kiewiet - Commissioner Internal Relations

Hello there! My name is Giovanni Kiewiet, I am 22 years old and I am taking part in the 60th Board of Ibn Battuta with the function of Commissioner Internal Relations. I grew up in a small village called Nieuw/Amsterdam-Veenoord, about 10 kilometres to the south of Emmen, and I’ve been now living in the city of Groningen for two years. 

Besides being a joker a lot of times, I´m always up for a good conversation or providing advice. Therefore, if there´s something you want to talk about, don´t hesitate to come by.

Also, the upcoming year, I will take place in the Projectgroup Introduction Period, First Year Committee, Excursion Committee & Lustrum Committee. So if you’re up for some really good activities, make sure to join these ;). Last but not least it rests me to say that I am really looking forward to the upcoming year, hoping to see you all!


Jelmer de Rijke - Commissioner External Relations & Vice Chairman 

Hi there! I am Jelmer de Rijke and I am 21 years old. I am in my third year of Spatial Planning. I grew up in the small village of Deinum, close to Leeuwarden. Since the beginning of my studies I have lived in Groningen.

I immediately became active in within the first year committee, which was a great start of my studies! During my second year, I have been a busy bee around the faculty. I was the treasurer of ProGeo and with that I had a seat in the faculty council and was part of the Career Day committee. I was also part of the winter sports committee. Ibn Battuta has provided me with all my friends, my social life and made me feel at home in Groningen, which I am still really grateful for. Besides my studies and the association, I love to play soccer and I like to hang out with friends.

Upcoming academic year I take place in the 60th board as the Commissioner External Relations and the Vice Chairman. I will again be in both the Career Day committee and the wintersports commitee. You can always find me somewhere around the coffee room for a chat or a question, as I was in my first two years. I hope to see you around anytime soon!