Introduction of the 58th Board

Welcome to the page of the 58th Board of Ibn Battuta. Every year, a different board leads Ibn Battuta, by coordinating the Association, all its bodies, and events. Together with the many committees, the Board organizes a great deal of activities for all members to join! 

This year, it is our turn to do so! As the 58th Board, we will make sure that the year 2018-2019 is going to be a fantastic year for all members of Ibn Battuta! Let us introduce ourselves personally!

f.l.t.r. Roman, Luna, Lennart, Sabine, Laurens, Tobias

To kick things off: I am Sabine Dieben, 23 years old and third year Human Geography and Urban & Regional Planning student at the university of Groningen. Alongside, I am the Chairman of the 58th board of Ibn Battuta. Even though Dordrecht is my origin, I get to enjoy living in the lively student city Groningen for a while now. It is once proclaimed that it has the best city center, and with a nice house in the middle of it I can say nothing less about it, since I get to experience the charm it beholds every day.

In my previous year at Ibn Battuta I had the pleasure of organizing the Foreign Excursion to Malta and Sicily, as the Chairman of the Foreign Excursion Committee. Even though I am still longing back to the sun and food on these islands, I am already looking forward to the great trips that will be organized in the upcoming year.

This year, I am also board member in the Lecture Committee. With this group we hope to fascinate you with interesting lectures and lecturers. I hope to see you all there, as well as at our other events, activities and of course in our Coffee Room!


Hi there! My name is Lennart van Drunen, and I was born and raised in the city of Groningen. Looking back, I am very glad I did not leave to go study somewhere else. Then I would not have been able to join this great association! I am currently in my third year of Spatial Planning & Design. Next to studying and doing stuff with the Association, I spent my time on playing football, watching and playing other sports, and drinking some beers with friends.

This year I will be the Vice Chairman of Ibn Battuta. I will also fulfil the role of International Ambassador, which means that you can contact me for everything concerning internationalization. Just like last year, I will take place in the Wintersports committee. We will organize a trip that will be at least as legendary as last year’s, so make sure you join us! Next to this, I will be part of the new Mastercommittee and organize the National Planning and Geography Symposium, which will take place in Groningen for the first time in five years!

I hope to see you all at our activities and of course for a good cup of ‘Ibn’ coffee!


My name is Luna Berkedam and this year I will be the Secretary of the 58th board of Ibn Battuta! I am 20 years old and currently in the third year of the Bachelor Spatial Planning & Design. I enjoy the different group projects that this study offers together with my friends. In my spare time I like to play the piano and hang out with friends, especially on music festivals and concerts! 

In my first year I joined the First Year Committee with which we organized a lot of fun parties and other activities. Also, I joined the Lecture Committee in my second year. Together with these different committees we organized a variety of activities, but beside all that I got some really good friends out of it. I can’t wait to put all my effort into the association together with my fellow Board members! I’d like to see you sometime in the Coffee Room or at one of our activities!  


Hey! Good to see that you've taken the time to read these pieces of text. I am Laurens van Egmond, 20 years old, and I am the Treasurer of our beautiful Association this year. Next to that, I'm in my third year of the study Spatial Planning & Design. I was born in Haarlem, raised in Uithuizen (in the north of the province), did my highschool in Assen and now I'm here, signed, sealed, delivered, in the wonderful city of Groningen. 

As I've swirled around quite a bit through The Netherlands, (and still do, as I live in Helpman) I see myself as a real traveller. Therefore, it's no coincidence that I will be the board member in both the Excursion Committee and the Foreign Excursion Committee (BEC) this year. Last year I've already organised an amazing trip to mediterranean Malta and Sicily and I am sure that this years BEC will be amazing as well. 

I hope to see you very often this year in the Coffee Room and at our activities!


Well hello there, my name is Tobias Meppelink. I am in my fourth year of Human Geography and Urban & Regional Planning, so I have been walking around the Zernike Campus for quite some time. I have enjoyed my time in Groningen ever since I moved here. The city holds a great atmosphere; always bursting with energy and full of life. However, I occasionally visit my hometown of Hoogeveen again to visit family, friends, and relatives.

Ever since I started studying in 2015, I have met a lot of people through Ibn Battuta. By going to social drinks, attending lectures and applying for committees, I eventually really got involved in Ibn Battuta.

This year, I am the Commissioner Internal Relations of the board. I will be in Projectgroup Ameland, the Sports and Games Committee and the First Year Committee. You can come to me with all kinds of questions and of course I am also in for some chit-chat at (mostly) all times!


Dear reader, my name is Roman Schuijers, I am 20 years old, and I am currently in my third year of Spatial Planning and Design. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Nijmegen, and I moved to the even prettier Groningen to study here. I am very much into travelling, which is something I regularly do (both with and without Ibn Battuta). Besides this I like music a lot, so you can often see me at concerts or festivals.

This year I am the Commissioner External Relations of Ibn Battuta, which means that I will be the contact point of the Association towards companies and other relations of Ibn Battuta. It also means that I will be busy with posting relevant job openings and vacancies for intern- and traineeships for students. Next to this I will take place in a couple of committees, which are the Career Day Committee, Projectgroup Ameland, and the Zwemfest committee.

I hope to see all of you at our events, and last but not least wish you the best of luck for your time at our faculty!