Introduction of the 59th Board

Welcome to the page of the 59th Board of Ibn Battuta. Every year, a different board leads Ibn Battuta, by coordinating the Association, all its bodies, and events. Together with the many committees, the Board organizes a great deal of activities for all members to join! 

This year, it is our turn to do so! As the 59th Board, we will make sure that the year 2019-2020 is going to be a fantastic year for all members of Ibn Battuta! Let us introduce ourselves personally!


Tess ten Have - Chairman 

Hi you! My name is Tess ten Have, I am 20 years old and in my third year of Spatial Planning and Design. I left the beautiful town of Haaksbergen behind, to take residence in the city of Groningen. Ever since the first day, I have been active at Ibn Battuta. The Association has brought me a lot of new experiences: my first time on a Dutch island, a lot of new friends, and now I am doing a board year! Next to being active at Ibn Battuta, I love to go in to the city to have a drink with friends and I love to travel.

As chairman of the board of Ibn Battuta,  I will be there for any questions you might have! I will also take part in the Lecture Committee this year and I will help organize the Galant Gala. Please come by the board room or the most ‘gezellig’ and red room at the university, the Coffee Room. I would love to have a chat!

Hope to see you around!


Charlotte Breunis - Vice Chairman & International Ambassador

Hey there, my name is Charlotte Breunis and I have been a member of Ibn Battuta since the start of my student life. I am now in my third year of studying Spatial Planning and Design. I have been living in Groningen my whole life and will certainly enjoy another one! This amazing association has brought me friends for life, but next to this and my study, I very much like to do outdoor activities such as sailing, surfing, and jogging. I also like to read books, so if you have a recommendation for me, let me know! 

This year, I will be the Vice Chairman and International Ambassador of Ibn Battuta, which is a great honor. I will also take place in the Career Platform, EGEA and I will help organize the National Geography and Planning Symposium together with Gijs. I am very much looking forward to organizing a lot of great activities for and with you. I will always be there for you this year, so come by for a talk in the board or Coffee Room!  


Yildiz Heeringa - Secretary

Hello there lovely reader! My name is Yildiz Heeringa, 22 years old, and currently a third year student of Human Geography & Planning. I was born in the gorgeous village of Anna Paulowna, which will probably not sound very familiar to you; it is in the far north of North-Holland. 

Within this beautiful board, I will fulfil the function of Secretary. This means that this will not be the only piece of text coming from me that you will be reading this year! Next to this, I will take place in the Excursion committee, the Projectgroup Ameland, and after organizing an amazing Foreign Excursion last year, I will again join the Foreign Excursion Committee. 

Next to writing pieces of text, you will usually find me listening to music. My music taste is not that good, so the ‘carnaval’ hits often pop through the board room and I can be listening to the same song over and over. You can imagine how my fellow board members are feeling about that. 

I hope to see you around next year in the cozy coffee room or on the activities!


Laura Fransen - Treasurer

Hi there! My name is Laura Fransen and I am 20 years old. I was born in the beautiful place of Hoogeveen, and nowadays I live in Groningen with two friends. I am a third year student Spatial Planning and Design at the Faculty of Spatial Science. I love to read, travel and play a nice game of volleyball. I am very proud to be a part of the 59th Board of Ibn Battuta. This Board Year I will fulfill the role of treasurer, which means that I keep track of the money of the Association. Next to that, I will attend the Almanac Committee, Zwemfest, and the Lustrum Committee. I am very excited to work together with my beautiful board and we hope to see you all during the activities, Social Drinks, and excursions.


Gijs Homans - Commissioner Internal Relations 

Hey there, nice to see that you are reading this! My name is Gijs Homans, 21 years old, and I am the Commissioner Internal Relations of the 59th board of Ibn Battuta. Like all of us, I’m as well in my third year, studying Human Geography & Planning. Since the first day, I have enjoyed my time at Ibn Battuta and have been in several committees. I’ve lived in Zuidlaren, but I am originally from Groningen. If you are planning to have a city walk, I would love to join since this is one of my favorite things to do. On a spare day, I love to take a train to a random city and enjoy my time here by walking through the city.

This year, I will take place in the First Year Committee, the Sport and Games Committee, and the Projectgroup Ameland. Besides, I will organize the National Geography & Planning Symposium. Hope to see you at a lot of activities, excursions and during the Coffee Hours!


Kristian Kuut - Commissioner External Relations 

Hi everybody! My name is Kristian Kuut and I am 22 years old! Currently, I am in my third year of Human Geography & Planning. Also, this is my third year living in Groningen. Before my transfer to Groningen, I lived my whole life in Heerhugowaard, somewhat close to the beautiful city of Alkmaar.
This year, I will take a seat in the 59th board of Ibn Battuta as the Commissioner of External Relations. In short, I am responsible for all the external communication of the association. I will participate in two committees and one Projectgroup as well. The Committees will consist of the Career Day and the Wintersport Committee. Besides, I will be part of the Project Group Schier.
In my spare time, I like to play one of my records on my record player together with a good game of chess. I am a chess lover, so don’t hesitate to challenge me for a game of chess in the Coffee Room, or anywhere outside. I will accept the challenge without any doubt!

Hope to see you around the activities or our lovely Coffee Room!