Do you have any study books left that you will not use anymore and want to sell? Or are you looking for some second-hand study books?

You can hand in the books that you want to sell in the Board Room. In the books that you hand in, you should include a phone number. So, the person who wants to buy the book(s) can immediately pay a Tikkie.


  • The books must be sold for a price that is at least 50% of the retail price. (Example: When the book has a retail price of 64 euros it must be sold for 32 or higher) 
  • The study book(s) must be in a normal condition where the text is still good to read. It is no problem if there is text marked but make sure it is complete.
  • Ibn Battuta is not responsible for the money or selling process.
  • If the book is not sold after 1 year we will send you a message to pick it up. Otherwise, we will throw it away.
  • Check below for the current available books.

You can mail or text David Janssen (Secretary & Vice Chairman) +31 6 48 40 11 88 if anyone is available to give you the books. 

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