Faculty Association Ibn Battuta is advised on different issues by the following advisory bodies:

Advisory Council 

The Advisory Council was founded in 2003. As the name implies, the Advisory Council confidentially advises the board on many different aspects and policies. This includes advice on policies concerning sponsorship, alumni, divisions of committees, and many other things. The Advisory Council is also regularly used to explain older (unwritten) rules that are not necessarily clear to newer members. Most of the members of the Advisory Council have been active as board members of the Association themselves, others have specific knowledge that is useful and relevant for the board. There is always one member of the Advisory Council responsible for providing the board with legal assistance. Overall, the council provides a high degree of continuity for the Association and makes sure that the board has a place to go when things become unclear or difficult. The members of the council are established yearly at the third general members assembly of the academic year.

Viktor Venhorst, Faculty Staff Member
Constantijn de Lange, Legal Advisor
Casper van Mastricht, Vice Chairman 2016 - 2017
Sabine Dieben, Chairman 2018-2019
Yildiz Heeringa, Secretary 2019-2020
Jelmer de Rijke, Commissioner External Relation & Vice Chairman 2020-2021
Hesther van Rossem, Chairman 2021-2022
Anne Mombarg, Vice Chairman 2022 - 2023
Frank Versprille, Student Member
Patrick starrrr

Audit Committee 

The Audit Committee supervises the financial policies and operations of the current treasurer. Their most important responsibility is to assess and approve the budget and the annual financial report of the board.

Laura Fransen, Treasurer 2019-2020
Jules Eefting, Treasurer 2021-2022
Jesper Leuwerink, Treasurer 2022-2023

Committee of Recommendations

The Committee of Recommendations supports the goals of Ibn Battuta.  These goals are aimed at orientating in the spatial sciences, stimulating sciences, and stimulating the social binding between the students of Ibn Battuta. The members of this committee have a warm heart for Ibn Battuta and support its activities. The committee consists of people with prominent positions in the current world of spatial sciences and/or university organizations.

The current members of this committee are:

Skyline Groningen