Ibn Battuta is an important link between students and life after study at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. The association tries to make the gap between both groups as small as possible by organizing various excursions, lectures, a Career Day, and company visits. Also, check our career page here!


There are many different activities throughout the year that are focused on a student's career. Our biggest event in this aspect is the Career Day of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences. This interactive day offers advanced bachelor and master students the ideal opportunity to get to know their future employers. This is an ideal opportunity for companies to profile themselves among students. On this day companies can give workshops or a presentation about their firm in English. The day will be concluded with a drink in the networkcafé. The companies will have some space to meet the students more informally. 

Throughout the year, there will be several company visits. During these visits, students who are at the end of their studies get the chance to take a look into a company’s kitchen. Companies give a tour, cases, and a presentation. For students, this is the ideal chance to get a good image of what the company in question does and what can be expected of them in a working environment. This is all organized to let students orientate themselves on the many opportunities there are for a graduate from our faculty!

Besides the Career Day and company visits, Ibn Battuta also organizes several excursions to for example construction sites, buildings, and other planning, real estate, or geographic interesting sites. During these excursions, students can gain an impression of what they are going to be able to work on.

What can Ibn Battuta do for your company? 

Ibn Battuta is a bridge between students and their future in our field of work. Through us, you can bind future academics to your company. This can be done by a company visit to you, promotions for job offers, an advertisement on our website, or a company profile on our career page. It is even possible to advertise in our almanac. On top of that, there are also advert deals made specially for you. We are open to suggestions. For the best result, we like to visit you for a nice conversation.

Note: Ibn Battuta has no eye for profit; profits from any agreement will be used to the full extent for the association itself. Profits will be invested in activities and for example our almanac.

For more information, you can reach out to our Commissioner External Relations, Luuk Haverlag (Email: externalrelations@ibnbattuta.nl Phone: +31 6 44 29 98 86 or +31 503 63 39 09)

Luuk Haverlag, Commissioner External Relations
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