First Year Committee

  • Evi van Unen
    Evi van Unen
  • Jolein Groot Wassink
    Jolein Groot Wassink
  • Koen Kwakman
    Koen Kwakman
  • Linde Dondertman
    Linde Dondertman
  • Maik Bloemberg
    Maik Bloemberg
  • Nando Hoyer
    Nando Hoyer
  • Sarah ten Dam
    Sarah ten Dam
  • Sebastian Becker
    Sebastian Becker
  • Stella  Ms Pikhulya
    Stella Ms Pikhulya
  • Tian van Lune
    Tian van Lune
  • Vera Jannink
    Vera Jannink
  • Yelte Hiddinga
    Yelte Hiddinga
  • Esmee Huisjes
    Esmee Huisjes

    Boardmember - 2023 / present

The First-year Committee is a committee filled with only first-year students and one board member. In this Committee, you will gain experience in organizing events and activities for the Association! The FYC organizes the yearly Christmas Gala, Climbing of the Martinitoren and many more fun and creative activities! This year's FYC is called MagniFYC!

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