Sister Associations

Ibn Battuta maintains relationships with many different associations, both within and outside Groningen. On this page, you will find the current Sister Associations that deserve some extra attention. They are associations in a similar field of study as Ibn Battuta but in different cities at different universities. Together with our Sister Associations, we organize the yearly National Geographers and Planners Symposium (NGPS).


V.U.G.S. is the association for geography and planning students in Utrecht and is therefore a sister association to Ibn Battuta. V.U.G.S was founded on the 13th of October 1922, which makes it the oldest association for geography students in the Netherlands. In the past century, V.U.G.S. has grown to become an active and lively study association, which focusses not only on study-related activities, but also on career and recreational activities. These include, but are not limited to, the annual Foreign Excursion, ‘borrels’ and parties, as well as the introduction for new students in the beginning of the academic year. Together with Ibn Battuta and the other sister associations, V.U.G.S organizes the National Geography and Planning symposium each year in February.




Mundus is the study association for all geography, spatial planning, and environment students at Radboud University in Nijmegen. At the beginning of the academic year 2023-2024, the association has approximately 800 members, making it one of the larger study associations within the university. Working in collaboration with its sixteen committees, Mundus hosts a diverse range of both formal and informal activities. These include company visits and career events, interspersed with drinks, parties and sport activities. Additionally, Mundus organizes two trips abroad and two weekends in the Netherlands, offering members an opportunity to explore other countries, to meet other members and to explore the working field. Furthermore, Mundus takes part in the organisation of the National Geography and Planning Symposium with its sister associations.



This study association from Amsterdam was established for human geography and planning students in 2009 and was the result of a fusion of A.S.V.S. and Het Groene Hart.


Genius Loci

Genius Loci was established in 1990 as the study association for Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning in Wageningen.

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