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The beadles of Ibn Battuta unite in this fellowship, which is founded on the twenty-eight of February two thousand and six. Membership is only open to those who fulfill the function of beadle or those who fulfilled the function.

The office of beadle emerged almost contemporaneous with the function of the rector magnificus around the year twelve hundred and forty five in Paris. The beadle fulfills an important task within the association, being the master of ceremonies and guardian of the protocol. Therefore, proper conduct of the constitution drink of the association and the safety of association property of Ibn Battuta and her sister associations is ensured. The beadle is also the guard of the association banner and is the carrier of it at official occasions. At all times the beadle is ready to defend the interest of the association and to nourish the association’s honor.

Next to being ready for their own association, the members of the Pedelgenootschap der Ibn Battuta living in Groningen also like to lead constitution drinks of other associations. With their loud voices, natural authority and experience they will make sure that your drink will proceed orderly. For requests may be mailed to the email address below.

Every year the fellowship chooses a new beadle from the members of the faculty association. Being appointed beadle also means membership of the fellowship. At this moment the fellowships has the following structure:

Emiel Blok e.t. pedel (MMV)
Honorary member of the fellowship since the fifteenth of September two thousand and twelve

Erik van Spijker e.t. pedel (MMVI)

Peter van der Ven e.t. pedel (MMVII)

Luuk Huttenhuis e.t. pedel (MMVIII)

Hindrik de Haan e.t. pedel (MMIX)

Pieter Meijer e.t. pedel (MMX)

Niels van den Brink e.t. pedel (MMXI)

Paul Steeneken e.t. pedel (MMXII)

Nick Klappe e.t. pedel (MMXIII)

Gerben van der Pijl e.t. pedel (MMXIV)

Mathijs Mulder e.t. pedel (MMXV): Assessor I

Wierd Folkertsma e.t. pedel (MMXVI)

Helmer Hoenink e.t. pedel (MMXVII): Praeses

Kees Dings e.t. pedel (MMXVIII): Abactis

Rik Smouter e.t. pedel (MMXIX)

Rick Plegt e.t. pedel (MMXX) Quaestor

Victor Veldhuis e.t. pedel (MMXXI)

Brett Bijland e.t. pedel (MMXXI)

Jesse van der Laan h.t. pedel/bierfeut

For more information, hiring us and questions about mores, mail to 


Adriaan van der Veer

Adriaan van der Veer

Tomke Döllefeld

Tomke Döllefeld