Career Day Committee

  • Inger Ijpma
    Inger Ijpma
  • Jef de Vries
    Jef de Vries
  • Jesse Wright
    Jesse Wright
  • Loraine Scholten
    Loraine Scholten
  • Marg Schoenmaker
    Marg Schoenmaker
  • Marten Tolsma
    Marten Tolsma
  • Victor Veldhuis
    Victor Veldhuis
  • Timothy Laukens
    Timothy Laukens
  • Luuk Haverlag
    Luuk Haverlag

The Career Day Committee organizes the yearly Career Day FSS. On this day, you will get the opportunity to learn more about our working field and where you can meet your future employers. Different companies and important keynote speakers are present every year which makes the event worth visiting to prepare yourself for the future!

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