Career Day Committee

The Career Day Committee is responsible for each year's career event! For all students, this day is the ideal opportunity to orientate on the labor market, through different company visits, lectures, and workshops. During the workshops, the network lunch and the network cafe, students are given the chance to talk in an informal setting with the participating companies. Through this, the Career Day can contribute to your view on the labor market and the opportunities in it. 

Applications for the Career Day Committee are open around the end of September/beginning of October. After you've applied and got accepted by the board, you will start working towards the big day!



Career Day Committee 2018-2019
The Career Day Committee 2018-2019

Career Day Committee

Lennart van Drunen (2016) Chairman
Diego van Kampen (2017) Vice chairman
Joelle Hopman (2018) Secretary
Saskia Nauta (2018) Treasurer
Laurens van Egmond (2016) External Affairs
Elisa Lanting (2014) External Affairs
Bart Weiland (2016) Coordinator Promotion
Jelmer de Rijke (2018) ProGeo Board Member
Kristian Kuut (2017) Ibn Battuta Board Member

Former Career Day Committees