Dear (prospective) student,

First of all, we would like to welcome you! Since you are probably going to be a student at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences, Ibn Battuta can be a great addition to your time in Groningen. It might not be clear to you what Ibn Battuta is, what it does, and what it could mean for you. So, here is a quick introduction to Ibn Battuta!

What is Ibn Battuta?

Ibn Battuta is the Faculty Association of Spatial Sciences. All students at our Faculty can become a member and enjoy the different activities that Ibn Battuta organizes. With around 80% of all students at our Faculty being a member of Ibn Battuta, it is a great platform for members to get to know each other and make friends!

What does Ibn Battuta do?

Firstly, the Association organizes a wide array of activities. These are social activities, such as social drinks, parties, sports events, and a fair share of (foreign) trips. These activities are great to come in contact with other students and a fun way to do so! 

Secondly, Ibn Battuta also organizes informative and career-focused activities. As a first-year student, you might be interested in the jobs and working fields where you could work later. Our informative activities, such as lectures, In-House Days, and Career Day will help you to orient yourself on your future.

What can Ibn Battuta mean to you?

Becoming a member of Ibn Battuta means you can join the social drinks, foreign trips, lectures, and all other activities the Association organizes. At these events, you come into contact with students from all years, which is a great way to make friends that can last a lifetime!

But there is more to it! Ibn Battuta also helps its members out with regard to their studies. Buying books has never been easier since you can simply select your study program and order all required books with just a few clicks! On top of that, members even get a discount on study books when bought through Ibn Battuta. Lastly, members have access to the whole website, including the ‘Study’ header. Here, you can look through summaries and earlier exams of all courses of the Faculty.

When can you sign up?

You can sign up here! A yearlong membership costs just €14,-. For additional information, you can check out different pages on this website! If you still have any questions please send the board of Ibn Battuta an e-mail ( or feel free to visit us on the Zernike Campus between 11.00 AM and 03.00 PM on workdays. 

We hope to have informed you enough! See you soon!

Each board member can also be contacted via their own email address.

Diana SteinVice
Anne Frouke
Esmee HuisjesCommissioner Internal
Luuk HaverlagCommissioner External

The board can be found in one of the following rooms:

Coffee Room5414.0013
Pro Geo, Geo Promotion, Student Assessor5414.0023

Duisenberg Building, Zernike Campus
Nettelbosje 2
Room 5414.0020
​9747 AE Groningen

Skyline Groningen