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During the introduction weekend at Ameland, the foreign excursion committee has revealed the three possible destinations for the foreign excursion which will take place from the 14th of March till the 22nd of March. All members of Ibn Battuta have the opportunity to vote for their favorite location. At September 26th, when the voting is closed, the definite destination will be announced. The three destinations are as follows:

1. Turkey & Georgia

During this trip, the beautiful city of Trabzon, in North-Eastern Turkey, will be visited. The city is concentrated around the Black Sea. After this, the trip continues to Batoemi. A city just across the border with Georgia. From there, Koetaisi and of course the capital city Tbilisi are paid a visit as well. Both Turkey as well as Georgia are well-known for their astonishing nature reserves and it is sure that you will see a lot of gorgeous landscapes during these 8 days.

2. Moldova, Ukraine & Belarus

During this trip, 3 former Sovjet Union states will be visited. Moldova is the first one. The capital city of Moldova, Chisinau, is one of the main features of Moldova. With Moldova being the poorest country of Europe, some shocking architecture will be spotted in this country. After that, the border with Ukraine will be crossed. Ukraine has multiple large and amazing cities but Kiev is an absolute eye-catcher. It is certain that the capital city of Ukraine will make a great impression, certainly if you have never visited Kiev before. However, an area in Ukraine that is not that gorgeous and even not that liveable, Chernobyl, will be paid a visit as well (when possible). Everyone probably knows what happened in 1986 and walking around in this area will make just as much an impression as Kiev made. After Chernobyl, the trip continues to Minsk, the capital city of Belarus and also that is the final destination of this trip.

3. Morroco

This country outside the EU has several amazing cities such as Marrakesh, Rabat and Fez. The possibilities in this country seem endless. Visiting the local medina’s in Marrakesh, spending some time in the desert of Morroco, walking around in the capital city Rabat or paying a visit to the oldest university in the world? Everything is possible in this beautiful country. It is even possible to see the logo of our lovely association in real life!

 The foreign excursion committee hopes that everyone has at least one location where they get excited about. Voting is possible until 25 September till 17:00 via this link.

What is the Foreign Excursion Committee?

The Foreign Excursion Committee (BEC) organizes the biggest annual international trip of Ibn Battuta. Every year, in March, around 50 students join this trip to travel to the most interesting places. At the beginning of the Education Year, three destinations will be announced and every member can vote for their favorite one. The destination with the most votes is the one where we will be travelling to. After the reveal of the destination, the Committee can start working on the preparations of the trip, which will be a memorable one for a large number of students!

Foreign Excursion Committee 2018-2019

Foreign Excursion Committee

Mariëlle Lunshof (2017) Chairman
Lieke Mijnheer (2017) Vice chairman
Wout van Hoorn (2018) Secretary
Jikke Halsema (2018) Treasurer
Jonas Vollbrandt (2018) Foreign Affairs
Gijs Burghgraef (2017) Acquisition and Promotion
Yildiz Heeringa (2017) Board member
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