Almanac Committee

When you are a member of the almanac committee you are responsible for making the almanac of the association. Every year a masterpiece of an almanac is going to be handed out to the members of Ibn Battuta. In the almanac the past year of the association is written about. Every year it is sort of a game to make an even more beautiful and colorful almanac than the previous one. This committee doesn't organize any activities but afterall you and many others can look back on the almanac you made.

First the committee comes up with a theme, which is top secret for the rest of the association! Next the committee is going to fill the almanac with their creativity. Besides the usual items like the annual year report, photopages, the members section and faculty section the committee is free to fill in the pages like they want. The almanac will be handed out on a social drink.

Former Almanac Committees