• Brett Bijland
    Brett Bijland
  • Fleur  Bogema
    Fleur Bogema
  • Rebekka de De Witte
    Rebekka de De Witte
  • Moritz Fehrlage
    Moritz Fehrlage
  • Emmeline G Geurs
    Emmeline G Geurs
  • Inger Ijpma
    Inger Ijpma
  • David Janssen
    David Janssen
  • Sten  Kuipers
    Sten Kuipers
  • Mike  Löwik
    Mike Löwik
  • Anne Mombarg
    Anne Mombarg
  • Bram Postma
    Bram Postma
  • Britt Rodijk
    Britt Rodijk
  • Diana Stein
    Diana Stein

Dear Ibn'ers, 

We are -SubZeroº, the coldest fellowship of Ibn Battuta. Although it sounds contradictory this all starteed on a hot summer day. The seven of us came together in our Skilift's old house and the rest is history. History called Aprés Sk-Ibn. We very quickly became close friends, some of us even more than friends, and we had an amazing time in Saint Sorlin d'Arves. Some of us enjoyed the Alps so much they stayed a little longer in a beautiful Chalet also known as "Le Chalet de Covid". Since we enjoyed our weekly meeting so much we did not want to stop meeting after the trip. We did some calculations and decided that Ibn Battuta could use a new fellowship. A cold one perhaps? We got chills just thinking about it. So we made plans, worked out the details, asked former Wintercom members to join, and here we are. Still drinking Jäger. Also we are glad to have accepted two new additions to our group, Emmeline & Fleur. We hope that this year's, and every future year's Wintercom will join us after they are done with their year of being a committee. To many more cold years! 
See you all soon on the slopes, at 't Gat or in the cold!

Skyline Groningen