Dear reader,

As an active and not-(yet?)-very-active member of Ibn, we are proud residents of a new Ibn Residence! Since May 1st we can officially say that we live with 2 out of 2 Ibn Battuta members in our apartment in the Indische Buurt. Even though it took some work to make our place somewhat liveable (shoutout the previous residents), it is wonderful to stay here for a Luttenberger, a native Frisian and lots of pigeons on our balcony.

“Het kan wel bij ons!” (“We’re happy to host!”) is a well-known and fondly used statement. Our living room has room for any Kei-group, Drs. Vijfje team, Veracles team, committee meeting, birthday party or board dinner. It never fails to disappoint us. But how big must that living room be, then? We don't know, come and measure it yourself sometime! Some fellow Ibn'er might recognise their couch, some bars might recognise their shot glasses. Anyways, you’re always welcome.

See you around!

Kind Regards

Huize Ligt er Haan

Lizzy Ligthart & Lianne de Haan

Skyline Groningen