Wintersport Committee

  • Stijn de Koning
    Stijn de Koning

    Chair - 2023 / present

  • Isabelle de Groot
    Isabelle de Groot

    Vice Chair & Sustainability and Society Ambassador - 2023 / present

  • Lente Sieswerda
    Lente Sieswerda

    Secretary - 2023 / present

  • Eino Mustalammi
    Eino Mustalammi

    Treasurer - 2023 / present

  • Esther Scheepstra
    Esther Scheepstra

    Commissioner Promotion - 2023 / present

  • Jelle Miedema
    Jelle Miedema

    Commissioner External Relations - 2023 / present

  • Luuk Haverlag
    Luuk Haverlag

    Board member - 2023 / present

The Wintersport Committee (or Wintercom) organizes the yearly Wintersports trip taking place in January. Together with a big group of Ibn'ers, they will travel to the beautiful Alps, hit the slopes, and drink Jagerbombs in the Après-ski! Every year, they reveal their destination on Ameland at the introduction camp. This year's Wintercom is called the Ice Meisters!

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