EGEA Groningen

  • Amina El Qandil
    Amina El Qandil
  • Emma  Croes
    Emma Croes
  • Luc Bustin
    Luc Bustin
  • Marta Żołnowska
    Marta Żołnowska
  • Maya Vasiloudes Bayada
    Maya Vasiloudes Bayada
  • Nico Ebenhöh
    Nico Ebenhöh
  • Sydney Barthel
    Sydney Barthel
  • Timo Temming
    Timo Temming
  • Anne Frouke Geerdink
    Anne Frouke Geerdink

EGEA is the biggest network for geography students in Europe. It provides opportunities to explore and make connections all over Europe. EGEA organizes multiple activities in and outside of Groningen, such as parties and cross-border activities like exchanges and congresses!  

Skyline Groningen