STUDENT-labs is the perfect WIN-WIN opportunity you've been searching for during your studies!

Are you seeking a job that combines the fun factor of a side hustle with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, setting you apart in the job market upon graduation? Then STUDENT-labs might be the perfect fit for you!

STUDENT-labs assists companies with various challenges. Many clients require a fresh perspective from students, who are often still creative and enjoy thinking outside the box. This leads them to come up with innovative ideas that can be very valuable in advancing clients and their projects. The projects we handle are mainly at the tactical and operational levels. We undertake project support tasks, write marketing plans for villages and cities, assist with area development in various projects, and so on.

We are active in various markets. We started our business in the spatial sciences, but now we do projects in marketing & communication, webdesign, data science and analysis. Next to our business we are investing in our community of students. We are organising various parties and sporting events. We do this to stimulate our kind and friendly environment.


Currently interesting for you:
This year we are partner of WINN-plein of ‘De Promotiedagen’. Promotiedagen is the number 1 job market in the north of the Netherlands. "The event where the northern business community gathers, inspires each other, and does business together. We bring entrepreneurs together, create new connections, and showcase the beauty of what entrepreneurial Northern Netherlands has to offer."

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