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Sports and Games Committee
Oct 20, 2017
Oct 22, 2017
To be announced

Hitchhiking Weekend

Hitchhiking Weekend

Join the Sports and Games Committee of Ibn Battuta in participating in our yearly recurring hitchhiking experience! Friday the 20th of October we will hitchhike to an unknown city somewhere in Europe. Arrived on our destination we will take the rest of the weekend to explore the city and, of course, it’s nightlife. The Sports and Games Committee has prepared some nice activities for everyone who participates so even more reason to join in for this activity! The costs for this weekend will be around 50 euro’s for the two nights in a hostel and the transit back to Groningen.  Sign up in pairs of two and don’t hesitate too long, there is a maximum of 50. If there are too many subscriptions, we will draw lots in pairs. The deadline for signing up / off for this event is Friday the 29th of September!


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