15 - 24 Mar 2024
Donau Tour
Ibn Battuta

Dear Ibn’ers

🌎We 🌹The BEChelorette🌹are proud to announce the location of the BEC this year: The Donau/Danube🌎Did you know that it’s the second largest river in europe? Although in our opinion the best one🕺

We would like to invite YOU to join this river tour through the cities of Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. Here we’ll see sights, get to know different cultures and create memories to look back to. 

You can enroll now!

On the 15th of march we will travel to the capital of Austria. You only have to bring yourself (and maybe some clothes). The traveling, accomodation and activities will be organised by us. For 549 euros you can join this journey. If you would like to join this trip enroll now before 16th of October, lots will be drawn for the available places.

XOXO the BEChelorette🌹

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Skyline Groningen