Jun 19, 2024
16:00 - 22:00
Momentum Padel

Celebrate Ibn Battuta's 63rd birthday hosted by the Projectgroup Dies! On the 19th of June we will kick off with the exciting finals of the Padel Tournament! You can either play in it or watch from the sidelines, but afterwards you can for sure enjoy the Dies programme.

We will provide you with drinks, a pasta buffet, snacks and the possibility of dancing! This year's theme is Roll of the Dies, so make sure to bring your lucky charms and enjoy all the games. Spin the wheel, scavenger hunt, cards, roulette, it is all there for you to enjoy.

Like the colours of roulette, the dress code will be Red, Green and Black, but make sure to bring some swimming clothes too!

For around 20 euros you can participate in this event and celebrate the birthday of the Association together!

You can sign off without any costs until Sunday the 16th of June 23:59.

If you also want to participate in the Padel Tournament, please sign up here as well!

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