As part of the Lustrum celebrations of the University, our departing Rector Magnificus Elmer Sterken will get his very own farewell party with the 'Pint of Science'! At different locations in the city centre, Associations organize short pub lectures as a pub crawl for the Rector. The Career Platform of Ibn Battuta organizes the 'Pint of Science' in Café Wolthoorn & Co, and you are very welcome to join us! From 20.30 to 22.00, three short lectures will be given by staff members of our Faculty that will tell you their most interesting stories. Have a pint with your friends and learn a little something too, while you’re at it! 


Do you also have the problem of missing important e-mails from Ibn Battuta? This could be because these e-mails end up in your spam folder, which results in you missing essential information. But fear not: there now are instructions on how to disable your spam folder, only for Ibn Battuta. Check out the document here and never miss out again!

Never miss important information again!

Have you started your studies at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences this year? Then Ibn Battuta can be of great support during your studies! Ibn Battuta is the Faculty Association of Spatial Sciences, which means that all students at the Faculty can become a member. If you are curious what Ibn Battuta is, what it does and what it can mean for you, check out this page! There, you can find out that Ibn Battuta offers a discount on the books needed at our Faculty and that it organizes a lot of fun activities which you can join and enjoy!

For more information on Ibn Battuta, you can check out the rest of the website! Of course, if you still have questions left, just contact the board! You can send an e-mail to! For other ways of contact click here.

Already enjoying this year? Be sure to make your time studying in Groningen a great time and join Ibn Battuta! You can become a member here and enjoy all the benefits that Ibn Battuta has to offer!