Welcome to Faculty Association Ibn Battuta!

The board applications are open!


Are you the new face of Ibn Battuta? The search for a new board has started! Application is possible up until the 31st of March, 5:00PM. Hand in your application letter and CV at the board or in the mailbox of Ibn Battuta in the Mercator building.

Are you in doubt? There will be two walk in moments with former board members on the 6th and 7th of March from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM!  On the 6th of March the functions Secretary, Treasurer and Commissioner External Relations will be present. On the 7th of March the functions Chairman, Vice Chairman and Commissioner Internal Relations will be present. We reserved two rooms, in the first you can talk to all of them and in the other you can talk privately to one of them. Of course everything you say here will be kept private!

Check the board application procedures or talk to a (former) board member for more information.

The Alphabet Party

On Thursday the 22nd of February, it will be time again for one of the biggest student parties of the year! The Alphabet Party is an annual party, organised by several study associations of the universitiy of Groningen. Every year we choose a letter from the alphabet and base a theme on that letter. You can all make up your own costume based on the letter we chose. 

This years letter is the 'M' and the theme is 'Midnight Madness'! Buy your tickets as soon as possible and create a mad outfit! By showing your ticket at Firma Mulder you can even get 10% discount on your outfit. You can buy your tickets here by clicking join or at the Coffee Room, but keep in mind that you have to collect the physical ticket. Tickets cost €5,- in pre sale and €6,50 at the door.

Check the Facebook page and the Facebook event for more information!



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