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October 23rd, the first edition of the cantus will be held! Under the inspiring leadership of 'het Pedelgenootschap', it will be a wonderful evening. Make sure not to miss this evening full of brotherly companionship, beer, and singing! The price will be €17.50 (which has to be paid in cash at the door) and includes unlimited beer. It will take place in 't Filiaal (Unitas S.G., Schuitendiep 74), where walk-in will begin at 07:00 PM and the cantus itself starts 07:15 PM. It will last until approximately 11:00 PM. Sign up before the  October 18th. Since the cantus is organized by fellowship 'het Pedelgenootschap', the general language of this cantus will be Dutch. However, if you do not speak Dutch (yet) you are very welcome to join us! Click here to join!

Join the Cantus and sing along!

The Destination of the first Short Foreign Excursion has been announced! In the weekend of November 23rd, 24th, and 25th the board, we will go to Berlin! This beautiful city in Germany is not only the capital of Germany, it is a world city! On Friday the 23rd, we will start our journey to Berlin and drive to Berlin! Once we arrive, we will have a full weekend to explore the city! Come and join us on this wonderful weekend, where we will see what Berlin has to offer.
The weekend will cost around €100, including travels, sleeping accommodation and activities! Sign up by clicking here! You can sign up until November the 10th.

Short Foreign Excursion: Berlin

Have you started your studies at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences this year? Then Ibn Battuta can be of great support during your studies! Ibn Battuta is the Faculty Association of Spatial Sciences, which means that all students at the Faculty can become a member. If you are curious what Ibn Battuta is, what it does and what it can mean for you, check out this page! There, you can find out that Ibn Battuta offers a discount on the books needed at our Faculty and that it organizes a lot of fun activities which you can join and enjoy!

For more information on Ibn Battuta, you can check out the rest of the website! Of course, if you still have questions left, just contact the board! You can send an e-mail to board@ibnbattuta.nl! For other ways of contact click here.

Already enjoying this year? Be sure to make your time studying in Groningen a great time and join Ibn Battuta! You can become a member here and enjoy all the benefits that Ibn Battuta has to offer!