Looping Louie (Stef Stuntpiloot) Tournament

Looping Louie (Stef Stuntpiloot) Tournament

Keep Louie out of your barn and keep all of your chickens safe at our Looping Louie Tournament on the 8th of May!

A children's game is normally really innocent, but Looping Louie (Stef Stuntpiloot) is a bit different. Looping Louie is adopted by students as a drinking game. The game is about touching over the other players chickens (coins) and trying to avoid that Louie touches over yours. At this tournament we will play two versus two and the first team to lose all six chickens is the loser. Make Louie spin around and try to keep all your chickens in your barn!

You can sign up here! Signing up is possible until the 8th of May, 03:00 PM.
Location and exact time will be announced soon!


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