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Excursion Committee
Date and time
Nov 23, 2020 19:30 - 21:30

SuperSeX´Cie Beer Tasting

SuperSeX´Cie Beer Tasting

Welcome fellow Ibn'ers, the new Excursion Committee invites you to its first event of the year!
As we know all too well, making any physical trips is proving rather difficult; in light of this we have come up with a way to take you on a virtual tour of The Netherlands and neighbouring countries, through your favourite activity... drinking 🍻

We are offering an online pub quiz, in which we will personally deliver (with love) four unique beers, two from The Netherlands, and two from abroad. While you start drinking we will tell you a little bit about where the beers come from and when you are sufficiently drunk, quiz you. 

The winners of the quiz will receive their beers for free and 2nd place for half-price. The price to participate is €7,- including the four beers and delivery 🚲. 

We will only deliver within the city of Groningen.
We hope you sign up and would love to see your faces!

You can join via the following link:


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