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Mar 29, 2018 09:00 - 18:00

In-Houseday BNSP

In-Houseday BNSP

On the 29th of March we will visit the future Floriade Exposition terrain in Almere, together with BNSP (Beroepsvereniging voor Nederlands Stedebouwkundigen en Planologen; an association for Dutch city engineers and planners) and our sister association Mundus from Nijmegen. The Floriade is an international exhibition and garden festival in the Netherlands, held every 10 years. In 2022 it will be held in Almere. We will have a tour and presentation in the KAF ArchitectuurStudio (a studio for architecture) by Odette Breijinck, project manager House of Arts.

Afterwards we will visit 'Oosterwold' by bus. This is a new neighbourhood of Almere! However, Oosterwold is not just an ordinary neighbourhood; this neighbourhood is built 'bottom up' by private owners and not 'top down' planned by the municipality like your regular neighbourhood. Homeowners take care of their own roads, sewage and energy supply in collaboration with their neighbours. All this creates a really unique place to live in, and an even more interesting place to visit! 

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