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Mar 17, 2018, 9:45:00 AM
Mar 25, 2018, 9:45:00 AM

Foreign Excursion Malta & Sicily

Foreign Excursion Malta & Sicily

This year, the Foreign Excursion will go to Malta & Sicily!

These beautiful islands are home to a comfy climate, amazing beaches and rich history. The 10 day trip will include accomodation, flight and all sorts of activities. The committee BEC in the Game will provide you with an amazing trip. On these islands we will take you to the historical cities of Valletta, Catania and Palermo. We will visit the most active volcano of Europe and enjoy a soothing boat trip along with te great nights the BEC is known for. Make sure to take your swimming gear with you as the water is warm and the weather even warmer! Gather your friends and sign up!

The price of this trip is a mere €490,- and can also be paid in terms if you like.

Be aware that the maximum participants is 49, with more than 49 registrations the participants will be drawn by lots.

To sign up, join below or come by in the Coffee Room! For any questions, reach out to BEC in the Game. Registration is open until the 13th of October.


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