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Excursion Committee
Date and time
Sep 17, 2020 15:00 - 16:30
Pitch&Putt; Bieskemaar 10, Groningen

Footgolf with the FleX'Cie

Footgolf with the FleX'Cie

On Thursday, September 17, the Excursion Committee will organize their final activity! And what better way to organize two different sports at the same time? The activity the FleX'Cie will organize is Footgolf at the Kardinge Sportcentrum (Bieskemaar 10, Groningen)! As it says, Footgolf is a combination between Football and Golf. So, do you think you can become Ibn's best Footgolfer? Or are you interested in this special and fun game? Then make sure to sign up for this event on the website! The activity starts at 3PM, so make sure to be there on time, and will end around 4.30PM. The costs for the Footgolf are €8-. 


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