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Excursion Committee
Date and time
Sep 20, 2019 10:00 - 15:00

Ex'cie Activity Weusthuis

On September 20, the Excursion Committee organizes, in collaboration with 'Weusthuis en Partners' an excursion. 'Weusthuis en Partners' is a company that is specialized in the management of big and complex projects en processes in the field of spatial planning. They are working, in both urban and rural areas, on environmental vision and urban renewal projects. 

The program that will be visited is located in Dokkum and is called: 'Súd Ie en Wetterfront Dokkum'. The project is about upgrading the water sports facilities and increasing the accessibility and attractiveness of the area. In addition, ecological measures are taken to keep it sustainable for the coming decades. 

During this visit, we will get informed about the project and there will be room for questions. There is an organized lunch included. 
The dress code is business casual 


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