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Date and time
Mar 26, 2019 19:00 - 23:30
‘t Filiaal (Unitas S.G., Schuitendiep74)

Cantus Pedelgenootschap

Cantus Pedelgenootschap

This study year’s second edition of the cantus will be held on Tuesday, March 26th! Under the inspiring leadership of "het Pedelgenootschap", it will be a wonderful evening. Make sure not to miss this evening full of brotherly companionship, beer and singing! The price for the cantus is €17.50 and has to be paid in cash at the door. The walk-in will begin at 07:00 PM, after which we start at exactly 07:15 PM in 't Filiaal (Unitas S.G., Schuitendiep 74). The fun will go on until approximately 11:30 PM. Since the cantus is organized by fellowship "het Pedelgenootschap", the general language of this cantus will be Dutch. However, if you do not speak Dutch (yet) you’re very welcome to join us! You can sign up until March 21.


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