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Sports and Games Committee 2018-2019
Date and time
Sep 20, 2018 20:00 - 23:55
Gelkinge 9 (Gelkingestraat 9)

Beerpong Tournament

Beerpong Tournament

On the 20th of September, the Ibn Battuta's Sports and Game Committee will host a beer pong tournament!
This student sport from the USA is known to be a great way to combine skill, luck, and lots of fun. 
But, those are all of secondary importance. Since it is going to be a tournament of two-player teams, you need to make sure you get yourself an accurate partner!
And the prize? The prestigious year-long title of Ibn Battuta's beer pong champion

Entrance is free and beer will be for your own account. There are only 60 places available. The remaining subscriptions will be placed on the reserve list.
The tournament will start at 08:00 P.M and will take place at Gelkinge 9. 


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