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Committee Applications

Committee Applications

DEADLINE: 16th of May 11:59 PM

The committee applications are open again! If you want to become active within the association this is the moment. There are three committees open for applications! First is the Foreign Excursion Committee also known as the BEC. In this committee you will organize our 10 day long trip to a foreign country in March of 2019. You will arrange the location, the activities and the overnight stays. You will travel with over 40 students to the destination and will have an awesome week! Second up is the Wintersports Committee. This committee organizes the wintersport together with a committee of GLV Idun. If you're into wintersports or like organizing trips and want to go on a wintersport trip, this committee might just be the thing for you! Last but not least there is the Lecture Committee. This committee organizes multiple lectures throughout the year. These lectures will mostly be about topics related to our study. If you are really interested in our field of expertise and want to share it with our association, the lecture committee is just the way to do so!

To apply you can click the "join" button on the left. When applying, specify which committee you want to apply for in the second step. Do this by stating the committee you are applying for.

After the deadline we will call you for an interview.