Ibn Battuta Song


In 1991, during the 6th lustrum of Ibn Battuta, the association got a yell as gift from the V.U.G.S. our sister-association from Utrecht. Through this gift, people realised that Ibn Battuta did not have a song at all! Therefore, the board organized a competition for writting the association song. Bernard van Acker won that competition and is therefore, member of merit. He wrote the song during the famous 'Schierweekend' as we now know it. Although, the melody has changed a lot during the past years. The original melody is from 'Gildebroeders maakt plezier', but the current melody that we use nowaday sounds a lot like 'zie de maan schijnt door de bomen'  from the Dutch Sinterklaas tradition.

The famous song sung during the Cantus

The song

Rood en wit zijn onze kleuren,

Het symbool is een kameel.

De excursies, BEC en borrels,

Ja ons is echt niets te veel.

Onze eigen club der geografen,

Groningen is ons thuis.

Leidt ons voort, Ibn Battuta!


Red and white are our colours,

the symbol is a camel.

The excursions, BEC and socials,

yeah there is nothing to much for us.

Our own club of geographers 

Groningen is our home.

Lead the way, Ibn Battuta!