Fellowships and Ibn houses! ​


Within Ibn Battuta, there is a lot to do. There are excursions, party’s, trips and socials, all organized by the board or a committee. Fellowships also contribute to this. In fact, they are groups of friends within Ibn Battuta. You could say they are some sort of ‘fraternities’ within Ibn Battuta, with the difference that fellowships are volunteerly and have a certain theme, if they like. There are also Ibn battuta-houses, where members of the association live.

The Board has started a procedure to become a fellowship or a Ibn Battuta-house:


The members of the group, willing to become a fellowship, make an appointment with the board where they will be all present. With this appointment, the goal is to motivatie why they want to become a fellowship and what kind of actvivity they will organize. After the board has agreed, the group becomes a fellowship. Provided that there will be an activity within a year.

Ibn Battuta-house

The to be formed Ibn Battuta-house sends a letter to the board on which they invite the board to come over for a drink in their house. During this visit at the house, the members of the house tell the board why they should become a Ibn Battuta-house and what activity for the members they had in mind.  After agreement, the house will become an Ibn Battuta house provided that they organize an activity within a year.

Finally: Active fellowships and houses within Ibn Battuta have to organize at least once a year an activity where members of Ibn Battuta can participate in.

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