Committee of Recommendations

The Committee of Recommendations supports the goals of Ibn Battuta.  These goals are aimed at orientating in the spatial sciences, stimulating of sciences and stimulating the social binding between the students of Ibn Battuta. The members of this committee have a warm heart for Ibn Battuta and support its activities. The committee consists out of people with a prominent position in the current world of spatial sciences and/or the universitary organisations. 

The current members of this committee are:

- Prof. dr. Oscar Couwenberg

- Prof. dr. Phillip McCan

- Drs. Bas Eenhoorn

- MSc. Martin Boisen

- Prof. dr. Elmer Sterken

- Drs. Mark Frequin

- Drs. Hans van Tellingen

- Prof. dr. Piet Pellenbarg

- Prof. dr. Gert de Roo‚Äč