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Continuous SEPA authorization (Doorlopende machtiging)

Since July 2015, faculty association Ibn Battuta uses continuous SEPA authorizations. When you become a member you sign a continuous SEPA authorization so Ibn Battuta can withdraw money from your bank account when you join activities and other events. In this way, you don’t need to take cash with you to activities to pay for your participation.

Every year there are about 8 moments in which Ibn Battuta withdraws money from your bank account. At least 5 days before that moment you will receive an email with information about the date of transaction (incasso) and for which activities money will be withdrawn. With that email you can check how much money Ibn Battuta will withdraw from your bank account.

Participation sums for the Foreign Excursion and winter sports are different. The sum for the Foreign Excursion can be paid in two terms and the winter sports in one term. Participants have to transfer the participation amount to the bank account of Ibn Battuta themselves, or to a third organizing party.

When something goes wrong, don’t worry. A withdrawn amount can be transferred back within 8 weeks after the transaction date when this amount is withdrawn unfairly. For this type of situations and other questions you can contact the treasurer through

The use of continuous SEPA authorization means less hassle for the members: you don’t have to pay at activities anymore and don’t have to sign a SEPA authorization for every activity. As a member you sign only one time for you entire membership!


Adriaan van der Veer

Adriaan van der Veer

Tomke Döllefeld

Tomke Döllefeld