Why join a committee?

Are you interested in joining one of Ibn Battuta’s committees? Do you want to know what a committee does, what you can mean for a committee, and what a committee can mean for you? Then check out these short pieces written by (former) committee members. They can give you some insights in their membership of a committee. You can read what they have organized, what their function was and how it improved their time in Groningen! Have fun reading!

Lecture Commitee 

Merel Flap

Who said lectures can’t be fun? As a member of the lecture committee you will get the opportunity to organize fun and interesting lectures about current issues or something you have always wanted to learn a bit more about.
Together with the other members of your committee you will contact several companies or professionals to get to an interesting, creative and captivating lecture. These lectures can be very divergent. From organizing lectures in collaboration with other committees and project groups to organizing the daily W.J. van den Bremen lecture to completely think outside of the box.

Together with the other members of the committee you will have a wonderful time and enjoy each other’s creativeness. You will discover how much fun it is to think about new projects and you will discover how much fun it can be to contact the potential lecturers that have similar interests.  

​My name is Merel Flap and last year I have been part of the lecture committee. I’ve had the pleasure to meet a lot of wonderful people. Not just my amazing committee members but also a lot of different people with great stories. Therefore, I would really recommend applying to the Lecture Committee I am sure you won’t regret it.
So are you looking for some extra challenge and are you full of ideas you would like to share with your fellow students, apply now!


Foreign Excursion Committee

Lieke Mijnheer 

Hi everyone! In the past year, I have been part of the Foreign Excursion Committee, also known as the Lay’Bec, (or in a few years probably as the Corona Bec)! Even though our year was a bit different than last year’s committees, I can still say that I had an amazing time being part of this committee. During this year you will decide the destination of the foreign excursion and you will plan and fix everything that is needed to organize an amazing trip for a large group of people. This is a great challenge as there are way more things you need to take care of then you can imagine beforehand. So apart from this committee being a lot of fun, you learn so many new things as well. Because of the weekly meetings with your fellow committee members, you get to know each other really well and I can honestly say that I see them as my friends now! Sadly, the amazing trip to Morocco we had planned had to be cancelled. But despite this, I had an amazing year organizing the trip with the rest of the committee, and I enjoyed it so much! So if you are thinking about joining this year, I would say: go for it! And if you have any questions you can always ask me!


Wintersport Committee

Fleur Bogema

Do you love mountains? Do you love to ski or snowboard or are you interested in learning how to go down the mountains in style? Would you love to master the après-ski? And are you in for a great time with some amazing friends for the coming year? Then sign up now and organize the next annual winter sports trip of Ibn Battuta in 2021! 
Participating in the Wintersports Committee means making friends for life while organizing an amazing trip to the mountains. You choose a nice location, arrange a place to sleep, a ride to and from this location, and a whole lot more. Of course, this place cannot lack a great bar for the après-ski! ;) 
Next to these things you also organize two activities in Groningen to promote your trip. This is also a great way to already get to know all the fun people who are joining the wintersports!
If you have any questions you can always contact one of the members of The Powder Rangers, the current WinterCom! We sure hope you take place on this amazing committee!!