Sports- and Gamescommittee

The Sports-and Gamescommittee (SeS'cie) organizes sporting- and game events. They seek for adventure, activity and diversity. Each year they are responsible for the famous hitchhike-weekend, organised to a until departure secret location. Also, they organise the famous RW-quiz (spatial science quiz) on which you can check your knowledge on the faculty association and many other subjects. That's not all folks, they also organize eating contests, wheight loss contests, droppings, beerpong tournaments and many more!

Sports and Games Committee

Arnoud Damen (2013) -
Lennart van Drunen (2016) -
Douwe Feitsma (2016) -
Helmer Hoenink (2016) -
Manus Schlooz (2016) -
Kevin Vedder (2016) -
Bart Weiland (2016) -
Former committees