Board 2017-2018

F.l.t.r.: Henri, Tim, Elisa, Manus, Leia & Mathijs

Board 2017-2018

Manus Schlooz (2015) Chairman
Elisa Lanting (2014) Vice-Chairman
Tim Jansen (2015) Secretary
Leia Vader (2015) Treasurer
Mathijs Mulder (2014) Commissioner Internal Relations
Henri Batterink (2014) Commissioner External Relations

What does the board do?
The board does a lot of work for the association behind the scenes, but can be regulary found at all the activities, socials and of course in our coffee room. The first time you meet the board is the introduction period. The board is responsible for the booksale and the introduction. Together with projectgroup Ameland they organize the introductionweekend on Ameland.

The rest of the year the board takes care for coffee and tea in the coffee room of Ibn Battuta (Duisenbergbuilding 5414.0013) from monday till thursday from 09:30 AM untill 13:30 PM and on friday from 09:30 AM untill 12:30PM. The coffee and tea only cost 10 cent!
Furthermore, every boardmember takes place in a committee or projectgroup. Finally, they organize a General Members Meeting three times a year where they inform the members about everything what is going on at the assocation and where the members can give their opinion about what they possibly want to see differently.

What does the board else?
Together with our 'sister' associations form Amsterdam, Utrecht, Nijmegen and Wageningen we organize the National Geographic and Planological Symposium (NGPS). Furthermore we visit many constitutiondrinks and  socials of the Faculty. Besides that, we send a delegation to the FVOG-meetings (Faculty Association Consultative Body Groningen) and the ACI-meetings (Advicecommission introductionperiod). Finally, the board organizes almost al the social drinks and party's of the association. This year our social drink location is 't Gat van Groningen, Poelestraat 51.

You can contact the board via